Public Deliverables

TitleDelivery DateNo
Communication and Dissemination strategy   May 2019D8.1
Document listing TRI-HP target stakeholder groups and related initiatives (e.g. other H2020 projects), potential channels and occasions to reach them, the tailored messages to convey, performance indicators and targets, and an activity planning.
TRI-HP visual identity package  May 2019D8.2
Guidelines establishing the TRI-HP visual identity package, including a project logo, the typeface, the imagery and photography. Based on this, website design, templates for presentations, documents and promotion material are defined.
Energy demands for multi-family buildings in different climatic zones Sep 2019D1.1
Definition of energy demands for reference multi-family buidlings in space heating (SH) dominated and space cooling (SC) dominated climates to be used in the simulation framework developed in Task 1.3.
Social issues of novel RE heating and cooling systems Sep 2019D2.1
This report provides the results of  a state of the art analysis of regulatory issues and on key issues of societal acceptance of Renewable Energy technologies, focusing on societal impacts of renewable energy technologies for heating, cooling and electricity generation for different groups of actors, including a gender perspective.