TRI-HP will develop icephobic coatings, heat exchangers, heat pump refrigerant cycles based on natural refrigerants and complete systems with advanced controls. On top of that social studies will be used to understand social barriers and increase acceptance.

Ice-repellent Materials

Coatings to prevent freezing under water will be developed


Heat Exchangers

For improved performance of the heat pumps with different heat sources and refrigerants


Heat Pumps

Two natural refrigerants (CO2 and Propane) with improved cycle architectures will be developed


Advanced Control

Advanced Energy Management system based on Model Predictive Control for improved system efficiency and cost benefit.


TRI-HP Systems

Affordable and flexible trigeneration systems able to cover heating, cooling and electricity demands with a large share of renewable sources


Technology Acceptance

Social acceptance study of the market actors regarding the adoption of the TRI-HP solution