Webinar (12/01): Heat Pumps based on Natural Refrigerants

The TRI-HP project is working together with the BUILD UP Portal to organise a webinar on novel heat pump techologies based on natural refrigerants that will take place on 12 January 2023. Register by clicking here.

For the energy transition to succeed, heating & cooling in buildings need efficientclean and affordable systems. With this in mind, the TRI-HP project has developed trigeneration systems that provide heatingcooling & electricity that:

  • Are based on heat pumps with natural refrigerants;
  • Have a high degree of demand-side flexibility;
  • Reduce both capital and operational costs;
  • Integrate a high degree of on-site renewables.

Three heat pump systems have been tested within the project: two solar-ice slurry systems based on natural refrigerants with intermediate storage, and a dual/source sink system using a reversible propane heat pump to provide both heating and cooling. The systems are backed up by Advanced Energy Management Control which allows for optimal real-time management of energy flows that can lead up to 15 to 20% energy savings when the heat pumps are connected to the smart grid.

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