TRI-HP and BE Horizons cluster at Sustainable Places 2020

TRI-HP have joined forces with eight other H2020 projects in the field of renewable energy technologies for buildings. The following projects have formed the cluster called “Building Energy Horizons”, in short “BE Horizons”, to better collaborate at technical and dissemination level: TRI-HP, GEO4CIVHIC, Hybrid BioVGE, IDEAS, Making City, RE-COGNITION, RES4BUILD, SolBio-Rev, SWS-HEATING.

A part of these projects was presented during the largest online conference from Sustainable Places 2020. Sustainable Places is the only annual international conference focused on showcasing results of EU projects on the topic innovations for the built environment. The 8th edition - Sustainable Places 2020 (SP 2020), was held over four days (27-30 October 2020), in a virtual format, bringing together 600 attendees in 32 sessions and workshops, and one hundred H2020 EU-funded projects presenting various sustainability initiatives.

The TRI-HP presentation during the Workshop Renewable H&C Solutions for Buildings and Industry from SP 2020 is available at this link. The workshop has brought together a selection of H2020 EU-funded projects and experts from the biomass, geothermal, solar thermal and heat pump sectors. Besides TRI-HP, the following projects were presented: Hybrid BioVGE, RES4BUILD, SolBioRev and SWS-Heating (part of the BE Horizons cluster), as well as CREATE, FRIENDSHIP, GEOFIT, Heat4Cool, HYBUILD, HYCOOL, Innova microSolar, SCORES, SHIP2FAIR and SUNHORIZON projects.

A conference proceeding with title "Renewable Heating and Cooling Solutions for Buildings and Industry" is available at